Beach Reads to Inspire Your Next USVI Adventure!


It’s off season in the Virgin Islands, and it’s the dog days up North, either way, we hope you have some time to relax with a good book. We thought we would pull some titles, fictional and non, to inspire your next adventure to the Caribbean.


On Island Time: Kayaking the Caribbean

by Scott B. Williams 

To be out at sea in a sail boat is pretty darn adventurous, but to paddle hundreds of nautical miles in a kayak, that is truly inspiring. That’s what Scotts Williams accomplished when he was 25. For two-years he kayaked from the Mississippi all around the Caribbean. Williams has been writing about his adventures for more than twenty-five years. His published work includes dozens of magazine articles and twenty-five books, with more projects currently underway. 



Quest for the Virgins: A True Caribbean Sailing Adventure (Series) 

by David Beaupre

This four-book, popular series goes a step above the, “I went sailing” memoir genre. Quest for the Virgins’ delivers an insightful and humorous voyage into the warm tropical Caribbean waters.   

From the author:  “…It was hard work to have fun. But when all the chores are done and the storms have passed, Wendy and I consider ourselves fortunate to have fulfilled our dreams. Everyone can learn to be the master of their destiny. If time does not permit you to sail the ocean blue, I offer you this four book series on how two friends found happiness in their personal quest for paradise. The Quest Series is a true modern sailing story. Come along, let’s take this extraordinary journey together.” On Amazon


Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss

While Robinson Crusoe is the original cast away novel, Der Schweizerische Robinson—or Swiss Family Robinson—is more joyful and fun. Written by Johann David Wyss in 1812, the story follows a family shipwrecked in the East Indies (the USVIs are the old West Indies FYI. Similar climate and setting, opposite sides of the globe.) 

Wyss wanted a moralizing story about how to raise your family away from the corruptions of society, which sort of gets to the heart of island life. It’s not just about beaches and nice weather. There’s always the dream of a better world. Here’s to summer adventures, be they real or imagined!

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