Baselworld 2019: Five New Beauties from Basel

In the world of high-end watches, every detail—marketing, design and otherwise—moves very precisely. The tiniest tweaks are poured over, scrutinized and reported. And so, without further ado, here are a few of our favorites reveals from the carpeted halls of Basel, Switzerland:

GMTI- Batman-2019

GMT Master II

Rolex switched to the jubilee bracelet for this year’s GMT Master. We think the dressier band looks great matched with the “utilitarian” design and gives the watch even more versatility. 


Yacht-Master 42 

In the islands, the Yacht-Master is especially prized. This 2019 update offers a striking black and white color scheme with the famous bidirectional ceramic bezel and the oysterflex bracelet which does particularly well in the hot sun. It also looks very chic.  



Rolex added 18k yellow gold to their oyster perpetual Sea-Dweller for the first time ever. What were they waiting for? It’s gorgeous. The fish on your deep-sea dives will be envious. 


Tudor Black Bay Chronograph Steel and Gold 

Tudor’s new look embraces yellow gold. The award-winning chronograph has the Midas touch all over—on the pushers, tachymeter, and chapter ring. Factoid: It’s the 50th anniversary of the snowflake hand, that little diamond-shape on the hour hand that makes Tudors so recognizable. 


Black Bay 201 

Tudor also decided to dust off an old prototype from the ‘60s . They were working with the Navy to get the bezel technology perfect for launching planes off aircraft carriers. Alas, they were unsuccessful back then and shelved it until now. Here’s what Hondikee had to say about the throwback, prototype, “yes sir!” style, “This watch isn't going to dilute the Tudor name in any way, and if anything it strengthens the core identity of Tudor as a brand that's historically supplied the military with steadfast divers.” 

David MeyerComment