The Enduring Appeal of the #Submariner

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It has been noted that no matter which Rolex you are most fond of – the Daytona, the GMT, the Skydweller – no Rolex collection is complete without a Submariner.

Any why is the ‘Sub’ so popular, so essential?  The FHH Journal observed this phenomenon, and we would like to further examine. 

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A Powerful Understatement: Originally a “tool” watch when it debuted, even as it evolved into a luxury item, its trademark steel casing, geometric hour markers, and lack of precious stones (usually), made the Submariner a uniquely low-key, but high- impact timepiece.

Great Marketing:  It was the only time piece James Bond wore for decades. Rolex also ran successful advertising campaigns in the ‘60s and again in the ‘80s when its new luxury status had fully fledged. More recently social media has carried the torch with #submariner easily the most popular dive watch on Instagram.  

Sealed from Water and Time: The design has remained unchanged for the last 60 years and is unlikely to for the next 60.

Basic, But Not:  It goes from day to night, as well as under water. Wedding, check. Office, check. Hiking, check. Saving the world, check.

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Conclusion: It’s just one of those designs, one of those rare, unicorn, right time, right place, right marketing strategy trifectas that indoctrinate a product so deeply into the imaginations of its public, that it becomes ordained into the most rarified echelon of consumerism: you know you made it when…