3 Reasons Any Serious Rolex Wearer Buys Official 

Last month, the popular tech podcast, "Reply All" ran a piece entitled, "The World's Most Expensive Free Watch." It reveals the world of internet middle men who create online stores that take cheap products from China, give them slick, modern branding, and sell them for a nice profit. Their business model is perhaps, the diametrical opposite to that of Rolex.  

As we all know the internet is a mixed bag. It can be great, and it can be hugely disappointing. Perhaps that is why traditional brick and mortar will not be poofing into the proverbial cloud anytime soon. 

So what does this have to do with a charming watch shop on St. Thomas? When it comes to buying a Rolex, we just want to remind you why a proper store is the only way to go. 

1) Luxury, It's a Principle. Do you really want to buy your luxury items the same way you buy diapers? Come on. Rolexes are special and ought never to be placed in a "shopping cart" – digital or otherwise. 

2) You Get What You Pay For: You can definitely find good deals online, or on what they call the "Gray Market." These unofficial dealers (one step up from sketchy Chinese websites and two steps up from a guy with a trench coat) don't have to follow corporate pricing mandates, so yes, you can find a deal. But with no warranty, any repairs and maintenance will cost you later – and the provenance might be dubious. 

3) Loyalty, Loyalty, Loyalty: For anyone serious about building their watch collection, a relationship with an authorized dealer is essential as they (we) have the inside track on new designs, limited editions, not to mention expert knowledge of the product. We work together to find a timepiece that truly belongs to you.

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