Why is the Internet Going Gonzo Over Roger Federer’s Aussie Open Win?

It’s been a huge week for Rolex's favorite spokesman, Roger Federer. At age 36, everyone had just assumed he would fade off elegantly into retirement, but instead has shocked the tennis world by rocking a full-on second act, winning his 20th grand slam and leaving his younger rivals in the dust. You just couldn’t dream up a more perfect expression of the Rolex brand, truly timeless and never to be underestimated.  

What’s also interesting is how dumbfounded the internet is by this “102-year-old” as the Wall Street Journal satirized winning another grand slam. The Telegraph wrote him an apology for asserting that he will never win another gram slam again. It would seem people just love it when you accomplish the "impossible." The best moment, however, in this Federer-mania actually came earlier in the tournament when Will Ferrell interviewed him as the fictional San Diegan TV anchorman, Ron Burgundy. He asked a question that seems all the more poignant now, “You’re 36 years old. You seem ageless. Are you a witch or a vampire?” Roger refused to answer which is very suspicious indeed.

Dina BaldwinComment