Take the Quiz, Which Rolex Man Are You?


1) When driving, ideally, I like to:

a.     Be chauffeured, (possibly with a security detail).

b.     Be on a race track, in a race car.

c.     Ride my motorcycle.

d.     Have the top down.

e.     Go really, ridiculously, dangerously fast whereever the road takes me. 

2) In sports I…

a.     Am an all-round sportsman, leaning towards team sports.

b.     Prefer individual sports, one’s especially where you get to go fast.

c.     Not really a big sports guy.

d.    Am a good athlete but excel at one sport in particular. 

e.    Like to have gravity take control.

3) Sartorially I

a.     Love a uniform … be it military, a Saville Road suit, or just something I wear everyday so I don’t have to think about it.

b.     Kinda look good in everything. 

c.     Am casual, yet classy, sometimes a bit idiosyncratic.

d.     Always very sharp, preppy and classic.

e.     Like to be warm and comfortable.

4) My weaknesses are

a.     Cigars, rum and beautiful women.

b.     Giving obscene amounts of money to charity.

c.     Food, food, wine, beautiful women, and maybe odd beautiful man in my youth.

d.     Loving my family too much.

e.     Russian dictators.


Tally your our outcome and find out which Rolex man you are below!

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