Post Hurricane Island Update

AH Riise Mall and Rolex Boutique are OPEN for Business

On Friday, November 3rd, AH Riise along with the other retailers on Main Street in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands opened for business for the first time since Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Visitors were pleasantly surprised at the extent of the recovery so far. Expecting to see much more damage and destruction, they were instead welcomed by upbeat locals, happy to see their return, a green island with our trees sprouting new leaves, and the turquoise blue waters and beautiful beaches St Thomas is famous for. 

The island is rebounding quicker than anyone expected. We’ve gone from relief to recovery and rebuilding in a matter of weeks. The businesses on Main Street suffered very little damage and are awaiting the arrival of tourists to open up shops. St Thomas is expecting close to 100 cruise ship visitors before the end of the year!

“Welcoming cruise visitors back to the U.S. Virgin Islands is a key element of our plan to boost economic activity, generate employment and stimulate recovery efforts”, said Beverly Nicholson-Doty, US Virgin Islands Commissioner of Tourism. In preparation for the arrival of more ships and visitors, the V.I. Department of Tourism will have greeters ready and information centers open.

Now is the time to book your vacation to this beautiful island we call home. Not only will you get to enjoy everything St Thomas is known for, but you will also have a direct impact on the economic recovery of the Virgin Islands. Who knew laying on a beach and shopping could have so many positive benefits? Be sure to follow AH Riise on social media for more updates! 

Dina BaldwinComment