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A Brief History of A.H. Riise

The A.H. Riise Company is a private, family owned business known for its distinguished products. It is also a company rich in family history and tradition.

In 1834, a young Danish pharmacist, Albert Heinrich Riise, engaged at the Royal Military Apothecary in Copenhagen, was approached by representatives of the Danish government and offered the opportunity to establish the first officially recognized pharmacy in the thriving port of St. Thomas.

In June, 1840, the Danish Government officially appointed Albert Heinrich Riise as the exclusive pharmacist for the island and granted him monopoly status to produce alcohol. This monopoly was given in exchange for Riise's obligation to give medicine to the poor without charge. A special relationship has existed between this company and the people of St. Thomas ever since.

Riise began the manufacture of rum on the island of St. Thomas and he invented the first Distilled Bay Rum. From the earliest days, Riise imported fine wines and spirits, luxury goods and foods.

During the 1870s and 1880s, A.H. Riise Apothecary continued to flourish under the direction of Albert Heinrich Riise's sons, Valdemar and Karl. At the turn of the century, the firm passed into the hands of the Poulsen family who still operate A.H. Riise Denmark in Copenhagen.

In 1928, the business of A.H. Riise & Co. was purchased by the family of the present owners who had begun settling in the Virgin Islands in the 1890s. While there have been many changes at A.H. Riise over the past 168 years, the same dedication to quality and service that A.H. Riise was known for in the 19th Century continues today.

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